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Morgantown Pulmonary Clinical Research


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Roger Abrahams

M.D., F.C.C.P.
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Andrzej Jaworski

F.C.C.P., D.A.B.S.M.
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Pharmaceutical Company Testimonials

“Congratulations to the Study SuperSTARS Dr. Abrahams 18 randomized”

Boegringer Ingelheim

“Top recruiters worldwide: (randomized patients) #1 Dr. Roger Abrahams”


“A special thank you to Dr. Abrahams’ site in Morgantown, WV for getting our first subject screened”


“Congratulations and thank you Morgantown Pulmonary Clinical Research for having the first subject screened”

Pearl Therapeutics

“Top ten enrolling sites, #5 Abrahams with 20 enrolled”

Altana Pharm

“Congratulations to the following sites for ensuring we met these significant milestones: Dr. Abrahams”



Specializing in Breathing Problems, Sleep Disorders, Black Lung, & Critical Care" to "COPD, Asthma, Pneumoconiosis and Pulmonary disorders

Pulmonary Function Testing

Lung Volumes
Diffusing capacity

Serial PFT

Methacholine Challenge Test


Holter Monitor

PK sampling

IATA Certified

NIOSH Certified B reader of Chest X rays

Site Qualities

High enrollers

Low screen failure rate

Low queries

Rapid regulatory document turnaround time

Principal Investigator and Study Coordinator with over 20 years of experience in Clinical Research

Coordinating Investigator

Clinical Research

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Why Participate?

  • Free study related medications
  • Free study related testing and doctor visits
  • Newest medications not yet available to the public
  • Payment for time and travel
  • Assist in the development of medications to help other patients like you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our clinical research program

Are Clinical Trials safe?

There are 4 phases of drug development. Phase 3, the phase Morgantown Pulmonary Associates usually participates in, is the last phase before a drug is approved by the FDA to be sold to the public. Phase 4 pertains to studying a medication after it is available for patient use.

Layers of safety built into clinical trials include the Federal Drug Administration overseeing all clinical trials to assure they are done ethically and do not put patients at undue risk. Clinical trials require an IRB (institution review board) who is a group of unbiased people who are not affiliated with the drug company. Their role is to assure the clinical trials are performed safely and to track any adverse events. Finally, Dr. Abrahams, the Principal Investigator, evaluates each patient to make sure they are appropriate for the clinical trial and that they would not be put at undue risk.

Patients are not locked into a clinical trial and are free to withdraw from the study for any reason.

What is required of me?

Clinical trials usually last 3 months to a year, depending on the study. You will be required to attend the study visits that average about once a month and participate in the free testing that could include pulmonary function testing, blood tests, EKG, chest x-ray, questionnaires, and a diary of symptoms.

Does everyone qualify for a Clinical Trial?

Study nurses will talk to you over the phone to see if it looks like you will qualify for a study. If so, you will be invited for a Screening Visit to review past medical history and medications and to perform preliminary tests to see if you will qualify for the study. Some Clinical Trials require 3 visits before you actually are approved to receive the study medication, but you will be paid for your time and travel.